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Standard Operating Procedure Colony Counter


  1. Clean the instrument with dry clean cotton cloth.
  2. Switch ‘ON’ the main power supply.
  3. Switch ‘ON’ the instrument.
  4. Connect plug of the Auto Marker Pen to the probe socket provided on instrument.
  5. Keep the petri dish on the Wolffhuegel glass of instrument.
  6. Adjust the magnifier lens with the help of adjustable knob as convenient.
  7. Switch ‘ON’ the illumination
  8. Press the ‘RESET’ button. The display will show 0000
  9. Press the ‘AUDIO’ button.
  10. Select the square of Wolffhuegel grid one by one and mark the colonies with the helpof Auto Markter Pen.
  11. The marking ensures counting of colonies and audio bepp indicates that the count hasbeen made.
  12. Marking of all colonies can be observed through magnifier lens and counting should bedone simultaneously.
  13. Record the total number of cfu count from display in respective annexure.
  14. Switch ‘OFF’ the illumination
  15. Switch ‘OFF’ the instrument
  16. Switch ‘OFF’ the main power supply
  17. Clean the instrument with clean, cotton cloth.

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